Member of the Futureal Group

About Cordia

Cordia has grown into an international property powerhouse in Central and Eastern Europe. Our core business is developing and selling premium residential properties across three countries and we are undergoing continuous expansion. We believe our success so far has been the result of certain key ingredients: our outstanding team, our innovative, honest, ethical and responsible market behaviour, our financial strength, our local knowledge and our global relationships. Our growth is founded on reliability and we are committed to fulfilling our tasks and purpose. Becoming a leading developer in growth markets is the result of our hard work and something that we are incredibly proud of.

Over the last 19 years, we have completed 3,400 apartments in Hungary, Romania, and Poland, and we are currently developing an additional 4,100 units in 23 projects throughout the region, and have a further 5,200 homes in the pipeline. Our apartments are more than just harmonious homes: they offer outstanding quality of life and are unique living spaces that organically fit the location and the surrounding community. Our properties represent an outstanding investment for sophisticated investors, as they provide long-term value and comfortable, secure rental yields that exceed market averages.

As a member of the Futureal Group, one of the leading international real estate developers and investors in Central and Eastern Europe, Cordia’s objective is to become the leading housing developer in the region.

The Futureal Group is engaged not only in residential development but also in large-scale mixed-use urban renewal projects, office and retail development, redevelopment projects, and commercial property investments, as well as providing structured finance solutions. Since its foundation, Futureal Group’s portfolio has encompassed more than 120 real estate projects, with a total value of EUR 3 billion across 2 million square meters. Currently, the group is managing 28 projects simultaneously, with a total value of EUR 0.9 billion and a net area of over 660,000 square meters.

Our fundamental values

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our business activities and expect the same from our partners. We do not believe that the end justifies the means.

Our creative team finds innovative solutions for our partners in every area of the property market. We are excited about finding solutions for your problems as well!

We think long-term and we perform long-term. Our team has been with us for over a decade, we have demonstrated resilience and kept all our promises even in the worst times of the financial crisis. You can trust that we will also deliver on our promises in the future.

Team spirit
We build long-term relationships, working together with our suppliers, clients and other partners as a strong team with mutual respect and appreciation.

Our projects

So far, Cordia has completed 3,400 apartments in Hungary, Romania and Poland, with a total gross area of 313,700 square meters. Building on that track record, we are currently developing more than 4,000 additional units throughout Central and Eastern Europe a gross area of 417,800 square meters. We are also planning to build further 5,200 homes in the region in the coming years.

A reliable company

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in our business activities and expect the same from our partners. We do not believe that the end justifies the means.

The combination of more than 19 years of experience in property development, our carefully developed network of contractors, our highly trained team of experts, our well-established partnership with banks, other financial institutions and local authorities and our highly capitalised parent company provides a sound basis for our projects and guarantees that your apartment will be built to the desired professional and technical specifications. Relying on its solid base, Cordia has always completed and delivered all of its projects in every country.

Our team

Property development is a multi-faceted business, requiring a team of people who help and complement each other with their experience and expertise. Property is a long-term business, and our team members are the kind of people who are able to stay focused and motivated in the long term. We have built a great team spirit and believe this to be one of the cornerstones of our success.

Futureal Group was co-founded by Gábor Futó and his father, Dr. Péter Futó. They started the business with minimal funds. Over the last 19 years it has grown by more than 150 times in terms of its capital value and number of employees.

At the heart of our success is our team of over 400 top professionals, many of whom have been with us for over a decade and have worked together to develop themselves, Futureal and our projects.

In addition to our core business, our Facility and Property Management teams provide a comprehensive property management service for our clients, covering every aspect of the development, furnishing, renting out and maintenance of apartments. Our professional team currently manages more than 400 homes.

Cordia Management Team

Tibor Földi

Head of Board , CEO Residential Development

Tomasz Łapiński


Pál Darida

Director of Financing and Transactions

Michal Melaniuk

Country director of Poland

Mauricio Mesa Gomez

Country director of Romania


Gábor Futó

Founder and Co-owner

Dr. Péter Futó

Founder and Co-owner